Digital Paintings with a 'Mouse'!!!!

Marilyn Monroe

Divya Bharti

Emma Watson

Meena Kumari


Mohammad Rafi
Nominated for BEST DIGITAL PAINTING 2012 by
24 FPS International Awards 2012.


  1. Unreal! What a talent!

  2. ..i am stunned...amazed. Just to let u know also that am using ur painting...yeah i'd call it one... of Meena Kumari's just to decorate my blog giving you the credits. Although i don't have many followers which perhaps might disappoint you yet it would delight me to have you there right on my page. No commercial purpose just one sincere admiration. Hope you will understand and thus believe me and u won't mind and sue me . Pls but if u do mind then before suing me do let me know i remove it immediately without a fuss. :)


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